We don’t often eat dessert here but look forward to having something sweet for special occasions and/or when we have company. But with having one that eats gluten free and one that’s eating sugar free, coming up with a company-worthy dessert is a bit of a challenge.

A flourless chocolate cake has been been one of my go-to dessert choices for when we’re having company. It’s so yummy that I don’t feel the need to explain our dietary restrictions when I serve it.

Last week I had planned to make one, and when the time came I realized that I had no unsweetened baking chocolate, just cocoa powder. (The recipe I generally use calls for both.) Since I had a hard time finding a sugar free flourless chocolate cake recipe that only called for using cocoa powder, I’m posting this recipe here for future use. It turned out great and I won’t hesitate to use it again.

This is a super rich, chocolately fudgey, brownie-like dessert. So, I serve small portions, generally with some whipped cream and/or some fresh fruit. It’s also awfully good with ice cream. Another bonus: it’s quick and easy to make. This recipe makes 12 small portions. Eat it slowly and enjoy.


1 cup cocoa powder

3/4 cup butter

4 eggs

3/4 cup honey


Grease 8×8 or 9×9″ pan (or a spring form pan will work). Melt butter. Add cocoa powder, honey and eggs. Whisk well into smooth batter. Bake at 375-400F for 20-25 minutes until center looks firm. Let cool in pan. (I have a gas stove here, and it doesn’t have a temperature control other than a dial to make the flame larger or smaller. There’s no internal thermometer, so I don’t know what temp I’m using, but I think it’s on the high side.)