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We mentioned that some new Canadian friends helped us celebrate Rosebud’s birthday.  But did we mention that they’re a family band?  They might even be kind of famous in Canada, performing at local fairs, events, and private parties, making appearances on radio programs…  They’ve even produced a couple of cds.

Terry brought his guitar to Rosebud’s party.  Here they all come now!

They attracted quite a crowd with their songs when we were at the park.  It was spontaneous and fun.

You can learn more about their music and family band from their website.  They’ve got as much energy as you’d expect after viewing their videos.  They are homeschooling their three children and are in the midst of traveling around South America.  We got lucky enough to meet them through a mutual friend.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Bicentennial Park, a long linear park along the river, with them.  We played soccer, marveled at the giant gold fish (I can’t remember their real name) in the ponds, and watched a street performer (the kids climbed up to get a better view).

We then tagged along with them via the subway to circus practice.  Yep.  Circus practice – where you learn/practice the trapeze, silks, hoops, acrobatics, and pole…  Good stuff.  Difficult stuff.  Not that I tried, but the kids did.  Our camera was doing wonky things in the outdoor evening light, so we don’t have many pictures.  And even though this post is about VogelJoy, here’s Carman on the trapeze — he did great for his first time.  (The group normally meets in a gym, but on this particular night, they met in the instructor’s backyard.)

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I am so happy to see these pictures – you have no idea =D We had a really really fun time! See you soon!

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