This is a seriously overdue post.

We met Marcela upon arriving at our 2nd rental in Las Condes.  She was there with her 2nd daughter to greet us, show us around the apartment, how to work the washer, point in the direction of the nearest grocery etc.  She’s energetic, sweet, very hospitable, and for whatever reason she took an interest in our family.

When we asked if she could recommend someone to help us with our Spanish, she volunteered.  She’s occasionally come for an hour or two and just to talk with us.  She also took me grocery shopping.  While we were out, we took lunch to her daughters at school.  We met her dog and her housekeeper.

Next thing we knew she was inviting us to a combined birthday party for her 18 year old daughter and her mother.  I was sick at the time, but Marathon went with the three older children.

Marcela even helped us understand and recommended some changes to the contract for the apartment we were getting ready to lease.  And she reminded us to take photos of the apartment before we moved in.  In short, she was looking out for us like a mother hen.

We stayed in touch over the next few months and had them to our apartment for dinner.  She invited us to have Good Friday lunch with her extended family.  Being nominal Catholics, fish was on the menu, and Marcela’s mother made her traditional fish soup.  It was delicious!

Here are Pablo (Marcela’s husband), their oldest daughter Macarena, and Marcela’s parents who live with them.  Macarena painted the picture in the background.

Here’s Marcela and Pablo with their girls.

We stayed the afternoon and just sat around and talked.  Doodle and Rosebud played with old toys and climbed in and out of the empty swimming pool.