On Mother’s day we went with VogelJoy to Santa Lucia hill. Here’s a link to a page about the hill. Here is another.

Here we are outside the entrance.

Doodle and Oliver racing up the steps behind one of the rock layers.

Here are the seven of us kids. You can see the lookout point up behind us.

You can see from this photo that it was sunless and smoggy, but it wasn’t too cold because Rosebud, Sophie and I had short sleeves the whole time.

I love this photo!!

Here’s Rosebud, Luisa, Sophie and Marathon.

Here we are behind yet another layer of rock. In total there were probably about 10. Check out Carman’s new hair cut!

Here we are trying to find an exit. We payed no attention to the sign that says “Camino sin Salida” or “Path with out exit”, and continued walking for about 5 more minutes before we came to the dead end.

Doodle had lots of fun with Oliver!

Here are the kids in/on a big tree by the exit (Yes, we eventually found it.)

After we left the hill at about 6, we took the subway to a mall in la Florida, about 20 minutes away by subway. After we ate there (and Rosebud lost her first tooth) and did some window shopping, we arrived back home at about 9. It was a long but fun day.

One funny thing I noticed was that we passed about 25 other English speakers while walking around on the hill. It must be a well know tourist attraction.

Thanks again to VogelJoy for the awesome pictures.