Continued from “Monster Toilet Clog part 1”

The great Idea was…. A swimming noodle! Cut in half.

Yes! The green thing! PEOPLE, THIS IS A REVOLUTION!

This thing is way better than anything mankind has come up with thus far. It is completely sanitary (we drew a smiley face on the top so we could keep the ends straight), very quick, and very powerful.

Clearing a clog that if done with a plunger would take 5 minutes and give you water on the floor, takes about 4 seconds with the noodle.

This thing is so cheap, so clean, and SO EFFECTIVE.

It worked perfectly for about 10 months. And then we had the Monster Clog.

Sadly, It was my fault. I still occasionally forget to put my toilet paper in the trash can, and that probably helped it clog.

I tried the noodle. I couldn’t clear it. This was very rare but had happened once or twice before, there being a clog that I couldn’t blow out but my dad could. He tried it, and couldn’t either. So we filled the toilet to the top with water, and let it sit overnight. In the morning, the water level was exactly the same. This meant that the clog was a complete seal! We tried blowing periodically throughout the day with no avail. Marathon poured some muiratic acid into the toilet bowl. The next morning nothing had changed. We tried many different things, using an old shower hose as a plumber’s snake, using an air mattress pump to provide pressure, and were about ready to get a professional involved when we had the breakthrough.

What was the secret to clearing the Monster Clog? Hint: It didn’t use any specialized equipment.