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Birthday Blues, Stomach Bugs and Lost Teeth

“Birthday week” is how we refer to the week when the boys have their birthdays. This year Carman turned sixteen and Doodle turned nine.

On Tuesday Marathon took them to Cajon del Maipo, and the next day he and Carman had a stomach bug:( The rest of us felt fine… till Saturday. On Saturday Marathon and Carman had fairly normal appetites but Milkmaid didn’t feel like eating lunch. She was in bed the rest of the day.

A few hours later Carman and Rosebud felt bad as well. So this left the birthday boy and I. Also, like I mentioned before, Marathon had already gotten it earlier in the week and he was feeling fine. The three of us ate dinner, and then we sung happy birthday to Doodle. About 5 bites into his large brownie, Doodle said that he didn’t feel well, and you can probably guess how that ended. Of course, I got the bug too, a few hours later.

Overall it was a pretty rough night, but of course, we have to mention the tooth.

Rosebud had a tooth about to fall out for about three weeks. We were always saying that it would surely fall out tomorrow. But of course it never did. Well it did, but it took many tomorrows before it was ready. She let Carman try to pull it out several times. I guess she trusts him more than the rest of us, because she never let us try.

So, back to stomach bug night. Rosebud and I share a room and we were both sleeping on the floor on towels – you know, on account of the stomach bug. We were very bored and we couldn’t fall asleep, and we were just finishing singing her new favorite song “The Thing” (by Vogeljoy) when I changed some of the lyrics, and she started laughing. Then she stopped laughing and looked at me in amazement. She was holding her tooth!!!

Here she is once she got better.

Here’s another lost tooth pic.

Just for kicks, I’ll throw in this adorable picture of doodle also. He has such a cute smile!!! And perfect teeth!!! But, he’ll probably scowl when he sees the editing I did on this picture 🙂

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  1. Y’all are so gosh-darn cute.

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