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Month: November 2014

Laser-cut Rosebud sketch

Do ya’ll remember not that long ago when I had made some digital sketches of Rosebud’s and my own faces?

I got one of Rosebud’s sketches laser-cut on a piece of plywood.

The laser didn’t have good options for engraving, so the lines are over five times thicker than they should be. It still looks pretty good though.

2014-11-27 15.31.01


Here’s the original.


Milkmaid wishes you a happy Thanksgiving

Doodle’s Juggling

Doodle has been learning to juggle. Here’s a video of him.

Trip to the zoo

This was the third attempt to go to the zoo. It all started at Rosebud’s birthday, back in April. We planned on going, but that morning several people were feeling bad, so we just stayed home. Three months later, on my birthday, we tried going again. When we  got there, we found out that it is closed on Mondays! So, we ended up hiking around on Cerro San Cristobal and it was a lot of fun.

Finally, on Milkmaid’s birthday, we went. (Milkmaid is photoshopped in)

2014-10-23 12.18.00

The first animal we saw was a rock. Or at least, it was, until it turned into a hippo.

2014-10-23 10.15.33

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Unusual Flights over Santiago

For the past three days there have been military planes flying over the city of Santiago during the middle of the day: right around our lunch time.

It reminds me of the weeks after the World Trade Center attacks: military jets flying back and forth over Chattanooga to try to demonstrate … something.

It actually became quite annoying — especially the frequent sonic booms at close range — and then finally went away altogether after there was a massive sonic boom over the city during “church hour” (between 11AM and noon on a Sunday).

The recent Chilean activity is nothing like that level of aggressiveness (no sonic booms or “maneuvers”, just a one-time fly-over of a group of planes), but is still odd.  Flying any plane over a crowded city seems questionable.  Is the Chilean government and/or military trying to demonstrate something?



Rosebud’s Solitaire Chess

We have a game of solitaire chess, with sixty-something different challenges.

As part of her school work, Rosebud has been making a new one every day for a while now. Yesterday’s is one of the best so far.

The object of the game is to move the players using normal chess rules and capture others until you have one player left.

This one has two pawns, two bishops, and two knights. Each move must capture a player. One player remains at the end.


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