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Month: July 2015


For the past month, I have been really getting good at drawing.

One day I drew Rosebud reading, and it didn’t look too bad.

Then I got into drawing faces.

Here’s one of Milkmaid:


Here’s one out of my imagination. I tried to make it look like someone in a mood.


I also like drawing hands.

Here’s one of my fist.


Here’s one of my shoe that I drew about a month ago.


I hope to have more drawings to show off, but they have to be good enough.

Music Makers

Part of Doodle’s daily school routine is to write a short piece of music for Rosebud to learn and later perform for us on the recorder.  Doodle’s compositions kill two birds with one stone: they press him forward with music theory, and they provide Rosebud something new to play now that she’s worked through our recorder book.

Doodle picks out a tune using a keyboard app on a smartphone.  He’ll sometimes have a question for me (“I forgot how to make an eighth-rest,” or “How can I show that she should repeat this section?”)  Then he neatly writes his song and passes the composition book (a spiral bound notebook) to Rosebud.

He’s come up with some clever tunes.  And though Rosebud sometimes complains (“This one is too hard,” or “Doesn’t this measure have too many beats?”) the overall verdict is that she enjoys it.  How do I know?  It’s Sunday afternoon.  She has no music obligations, and she’s in her room playing through some of Doodle’s tunes…for fun!

Most of Doodle’s tunes are original; sometimes they are inspired by a piece of music he knows or has heard (I’m talking to you, VogelJoy); sometimes he’ll write a round or duet; and sometimes Doodle will write a descant for a song we already know.  So sometimes the family can sing along while Rosebud toots out the harmonizing descant.  Fun stuff.

Here’s a sample of his work.





The ways Chileans express displeasure

Here are some interesting ways that Chileans protest against various things.

Even though Chileans tend to be very careful to come across as decent, “respectable” people, they don’t mind being a public nuisance as long as a lot of other folks are doing it too.

The Copa America soccer tournament is going on right now, and while the national team was training at a field in Santiago, a bunch of striking teachers appear to have pressured the soccer team to support their cause.

Hence, this photo (the sign says: “to recover the dignity of teaching”).

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