I am of the opinion that a person capable of being convinced generally only needs a few good hints and pointers, so I’m going to keep this short. If you look to Wikipedia as a source of knowledge, you will want to take an hour or so to follow the trail I lay out here.

We watched the Laura Poitras documentary Risk this past weekend and I was left confused by the end. So I went to Duckduckgo.com and did the following search: “was the Russian government responsible for the DNC hack”.

Below are the top 10 results.

I consider these results to be pretty balanced, but how would I know if the search engine was leaving things out? At least I can tell, just from the headlines, that there are conflicting narratives represented here, and I appreciate DuckDuckGo for that.

Of all these results, I found the content of the Wikipedia article most remarkable, given what I learned from the other links. Below are screenshots of that Wikipedia page shown in the results: (you might find it easier to read the most-recently archived version here, which should be identical to the below since it was archived since the last edit to the Wikipedia page)

And below are, perhaps most crucially, screenshots of the “Talk” page associated with the above article: (you might find it easier to read the most-recently archived version here, but there may be some differences)

Good luck! Seek and ye shall find.

Extra credit assignment: Once you’ve decided on what you feel are the most crucial pieces of information in this story, do your own search on your favorite search engines and see if you are happy with the results.