We recently received this nice note as a comment elsewhere in the site. I thought it would be worth sharing as a special post:

What a treat to find this site.

My mother and father were divorced when I was 6yrs old and I lacked a father figure.   At around 7 yrs of age we began reading this and an eight year old boy, along with his own father, filled that hole in my life.    I never cried so hard when Father died and “so long partner” still brings the feeling of loss to my soul.
I’m 65 yrs old now.   In 1982, while reading to my own sons, the longing to tell Mr Moody what he’d meant to my life grew strong enough to attempt to reach him – when I did I found he’d recently past.   I was devastated for having waited too long.   Now I read with my grandchildren.  Also, since retirement I have met dozens of men in the shooting world with whom I shoot and I’ve shared Mr Moody’s series with many of them, their appreciation is great though I can’t imagine the hooks going so deep as they do in my own life.   I consider him a gift and a treasure.   The decency that exudes from every page of his series is a decency I strive for, too often failing, in my own life.   I loved that man and his family without ever knowing them.    John