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Rosebud plays “Battle of Jericho”

Trip to the zoo

This was the third attempt to go to the zoo. It all started at Rosebud’s birthday, back in April. We planned on going, but that morning several people were feeling bad, so we just stayed home. Three months later, on my birthday, we tried going again. When we  got there, we found out that it is closed on Mondays! So, we ended up hiking around on Cerro San Cristobal and it was a lot of fun.

Finally, on Milkmaid’s birthday, we went. (Milkmaid is photoshopped in)

2014-10-23 12.18.00

The first animal we saw was a rock. Or at least, it was, until it turned into a hippo.

2014-10-23 10.15.33

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Doodle turns 10

Ten years ago on Sunday, I was kicked out of my spot as the baby of the family by this cute little guy 😀


On Saturday we celebrated with Doodle’s 3 special friends here in Santiago; Batman (9), Alex (13) and Max (12) [not their real names].


The boys played Sprouts and Spot it (two of Doodle’s favorite games). We also played the “Family game”.  (We’ll explain in a later post).

2014-09-27 10.10.15


Next Carman showed the boys how to make a few of his favorite paper airplanes, and then they had a competition to see whose could fly furthest. Continue reading

Races at the National Stadium

A couple of months ago, after watching the Santiago Marathon and trying too late to enter a 5k that started a block from our apartment, we started looking for a shortish race that all of us could enter.

We found a race in the National Stadium in Ñuñoa that we could all run in. Rosebud, Doodle and I each did 1k. Carman and Marathon did a mile (1.690k). Milkmaid said she would pass and just cheer from the stands.

The stadium is primarily used for major soccer games and concerts. However there is a  track around the soccer field in the middle which is where the race took place.  Stuck into the grass on the edge of the field were signs that said “Don’t step on the grass!”. 

Lots of people came up wanting to meet us, and asking us how to say various word in English. At least 3 girls asked me if I would be their friend 🙂 One of the adults that came to talk to us was Carlos, a “Monitor Deportivo” (Sports monitor) at Parque O’ Higgins.  His job is to teach kids proper running form, breathing and all that important stuff.  Carman and Marathon had their picture taken with him.

2014-05-08 20.41.01

This is Rosebud on the last lap of her race (two and a half laps!).  Rosebud is the one in the middle with the pink shirt. She and the little girl behind her stayed together for the whole race.

2014-05-08 18.35.56

Carman didn’t start out really fast like some of the other boys, and passed many of them toward the end! (Green shirt.)

2014-05-08 19.50.45

Home stretch!

2014-05-08 19.54.03

Marathon did well in his race also, finishing in about 13th.

2014-05-08 20.29.47

I don’t have any pictures of myself running, and I don’t even know what place I ended up taking.  But most importantly, I didn’t lose. 😀

Later that evening Carman said, “If I could warp time, I could have been standing in the exact same place as Messi!”

Family pics from Thanksgiving

This year we went to the Santiago Community Church for Thanksgiving, like we did last year. Before we left we got some family pictures out on our balcony. This is our “normal picture”.

While I was getting the camera set up, I asked Doodle and Rosebud to come out to and pose for the camera.

“Can we go yet?”

The answer was no, and now they’re grumpy

Rosebud is mad and Doodle is bored.

They’re both getting pretty pepped up now…

Rosebud is FUMED!

I think “Rosebud is bored” pretty much sums this one up

Rock onnnnn

Let’s stop there before someone gets hurt 🙂

Mayo & Ketchup

Yesterday we went swimming at some friend’s house (they’re also gringos). I sat down by their three year-old and asked him if they had celebrated thanksgiving. Continue reading

Birthday Blues, Stomach Bugs and Lost Teeth

“Birthday week” is how we refer to the week when the boys have their birthdays. This year Carman turned sixteen and Doodle turned nine.

On Tuesday Marathon took them to Cajon del Maipo, and the next day he and Carman had a stomach bug:( The rest of us felt fine… till Saturday. On Saturday Marathon and Carman had fairly normal appetites but Milkmaid didn’t feel like eating lunch. She was in bed the rest of the day.

A few hours later Carman and Rosebud felt bad as well. So this left the birthday boy and I. Also, like I mentioned before, Marathon had already gotten it earlier in the week and he was feeling fine. The three of us ate dinner, and then we sung happy birthday to Doodle. About 5 bites into his large brownie, Doodle said that he didn’t feel well, and you can probably guess how that ended. Of course, I got the bug too, a few hours later. Continue reading

Fiestas Patrias – The petting zoo

The first place we went when the Dieciochera opened was the petting zoo area. There were horses, cows, goats, ducks, a peacock, pigs, bunnies and turkeys. Most of the animals were not pet-able because of the fences. The goats had an extra tall fence, and were not pet-able.  Well, a worker did carry around a little goat kid, and then we got to pet him.  So cute with those floppy ears!

Rosebud loved the little pigs! I don’t think she had ever seen any before 🙂

My parents said this calf looked almost exactly like the calf we had on our farm, and that the cow was a Milking Shorthorn just like our cow was. I don’t remember the cow or calf we had on the farm because we moved when I had just turned three, so it was very cool to see what our cows looked like.

Of course, my parents had to get their picture taken with them:)

Then we went over to pet the horse. We were standing there petting the horse and taking pictures of it, when a man came up and asked if Doodle and Rosebud wanted to have a ride! Doodle was really excited, because he had never ridden a horse before.  The man pulled a chamanto over his head and plopped a Chilean hat over his eyes.  All set!

Rosebud wasn’t so sure, because the horse looked big and kind of scary! Plus, she was wearing a skirt and her ballet flats. But after Doodle went, she decided to try it too – in the same traditional get-up.

She did great and was glad she had tried it 🙂

We took pictures of the rabbits and peacock, but we lost the pictures because one of our cameras was stolen out of one of the outside pockets of a backpack (it was visible). It was a good lesson for us, because we had kind of let our guard down because we haven’t had anything stolen from us here. We got lucky because the person who stole it took our ten year old camera, and not the new one.  Whew.

Fiestas Patrias

“Fiestas Patrias” means “national holidays” or literally “homeland parties.” In Chile the independence day is on September 18. Unlike in the US, they have an entire week of celebrations. The celebration for the eighteenth is called the “Dieciochera” which means something like “eighteen-er”.

We live close to a well-known park in Santiago, Parque Ines de Suarez. It is a nice gated park with a large playground, concrete soccer and basketball courts, one large field, two fountains and a nice walking/running path around it. Every year the park closes at the beginning of September while they’re setting up tents and a petting zoo, constructing stages, inflatable bounce houses, a mini Ferris wheel, and other mechanical rides. Yesterday we went early (before it got super crowded) and I got some pictures.

You probably don’t realize how much work they did on these basketball courts. Here they are (the basketball courts) doubling as a food court.

This is a stage they set up in the middle of one of the big fields. Everything is red, white or blue! Well, almost everything, the chairs are black 🙁

Behind the stage along one side of the park is a large artesian fair. Lots of little booths with people selling their own special thing: Flowers, jewelry, origami, wooden kitchen utensils ect.

These are very realistic paper flowers.

This is a glass spiral with rocks inside of it, made into the glass. Also, if you’d like to buy it, it’s only 70 dollars!

There was also LOTS of food and drink booths, of which I didn’t take any pictures. Also, we can’t forget the inflatables and mechanical rides. This is the mini Ferris wheel that Doodle and Rosebud didn’t ride because of the huge line.

Throughout the days there are concerts, circus shows, story tellers and dance competitions of the national dance, cueca. This is what google.cl looked like on the 18th:

Sometime later this week we’ll probably go and watch the dances. I tried the dance the other day (one of my friends tried to teach me), but it’s the kind of dance that goes with a certain song, and you have to memorize what happens when.

There is a law here that all buildings/businesses must have a flag in front of them during Dieciochera (Sept 17-23): apartment buildings, grocery stores and even churches.

How many flags can you spot?

Lider (Walmart) employees partying on the landing dock

We live behind a grocery store and can watch from my bedroom window as 18-wheelers go in and out unloading their goods. Most of the time the dock is surprisingly quiet, compared with the nearby school which often contains screaming children.

At Christmas time the workers had a party in the dock area stretched over about 3 days, with loud music and dancing, that most definitely falls into the “disturbing the peace” category 🙂

A couple of days ago, we heard loud music again. There was an aerobics teacher with her speakers blaring loud music while all the female workers (and one brave guy), were doing the moves along with her.

It was quite a funny sight, seeing some of the workers in their uniforms dancing along to the (mostly English) music.

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