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Rosebud said 4.0

Yesterday I was playing Crazy Eights with Rosebud.

After she won, I said “Do you want a knuckle sandwich?”

“No thanks” she replied politely.

I should mention that she is allergic to gluten, so I said; “It’s gluten free…”

“Sure!” she replied, with a big smile on her face. At that point I was laughing too hard to care that she had just asked for a knuckle sandwich.

Cerro Santa Lucia

On Mother’s day we went with VogelJoy to Santa Lucia hill. Here’s a link to a page about the hill. Here is another.

Here we are outside the entrance.

Doodle and Oliver racing up the steps behind one of the rock layers.

Here are the seven of us kids. You can see the lookout point up behind us.

You can see from this photo that it was sunless and smoggy, but it wasn’t too cold because Rosebud, Sophie and I had short sleeves the whole time.

I love this photo!!

Here’s Rosebud, Luisa, Sophie and Marathon.

Here we are behind yet another layer of rock. In total there were probably about 10. Check out Carman’s new hair cut!

Here we are trying to find an exit. We payed no attention to the sign that says “Camino sin Salida” or “Path with out exit”, and continued walking for about 5 more minutes before we came to the dead end.

Doodle had lots of fun with Oliver!

Here are the kids in/on a big tree by the exit (Yes, we eventually found it.)

After we left the hill at about 6, we took the subway to a mall in la Florida, about 20 minutes away by subway. After we ate there (and Rosebud lost her first tooth) and did some window shopping, we arrived back home at about 9. It was a long but fun day.

One funny thing I noticed was that we passed about 25 other English speakers while walking around on the hill. It must be a well know tourist attraction.

Thanks again to VogelJoy for the awesome pictures.

Rosebud said…(3.0)

A couple of days ago, Mom, Rosebud and I were in the kitchen cleaning up.

Rosebud pointed at the fish we were going to cook for dinner and asked; Mama, does it have seeds? Um, I mean bones?

Later that evening, we were all sitting at the table and we had just prayed when Mom said; Be careful of seeds everybody.”

Learning Adobe Illustrator

I decided to start learning Adobe Illustrator a few days ago and this is the first thing I made.

It was very simple, I just made a hexagon, copied and moved it, copied and moved it some more, and used the gradient tool to color them in. But, being a beginner it took me about 30 minutes:)

I also made this, following along with a video at Lynda.com.  This was much harder.

Rosebud’s party

Rosebud’s 6th birthday was a couple of weeks ago. Ever since we arrived in Chile she has been promising to invite her friends to her birthday party. In fact, she bribed one boy into letting her ride his bike by promising to invite him to her party. So, to make good on all the promises, we decided to have a party for her in the park behind our condominio.

A couple of days before her party we met a Canadian family of 5 who had recently arrived in Santiago. We invited them to come, and they offered to bring their guitar.

Along with the Canadian family, about 6 other kids came (not including 2 of my friends). We played Duck Duck Goose, played on the playground, opened presents, ate cake brownies and listened to kid music played by the Canadian family.

Here is a picture of the kids.

This is Rosebud and Sophie – both smiling at the other one’s dad:)

Here is the Dad, Terry.

I love this picture of Rosebud!

Here’s Rosebud opening her soda with her best friend Catalina (“Cata”) looking on.

Here they’re eating brownies. The colored things in the jar are candied peanuts.

Here is my HILARIOUS brother:) By the way, he did the streamers you see there behind him.

This was our gluten free/sugar free brownie. Well, except for the sprinkles:)

A big thanks goes to VogelJoy for the music and the photos!

Hey Dudes!!!

Hey people that read this blog!!!

As you know my blog name is “sudoku” ’cause when my Mom started this blog I did a lot of sudokus (now, not so much).

In my free time I like to

  • Read blogs
  • Hang out with friends
  • Email my friends in the states
  • Knit
  • Listen to music
  • Clean my room
  • Cook (mostly desserts:P)

I think going down to the garden is probably my favorite thing, because that is what I do in the majority of my free time. Normally I play volleyball or just sit around and practice my Spanish.

The sports I like are:

  • Volleyball
  • Biking
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Soccer

These are some activities Carman and I did with a local youth group back in the summer:

  • swimming
  • mini golf
  • going to an airplane museum
  • going to “La Moneda” (the “white house” in chile)

So that’s kinda a rough view of what I am like. Also I should mention that I’m 13.

Here I am with my lil brother.

Rosebud said 2.0

Today I was doing some php coding and Dad came over to help me because I had a problem. Rosebud was sitting at the opposite side of the table doing math.

She looked up and said “Daddy, I am getting really good at plus! Ask me on 35 + 5.”

Dad: “Okay, what’s 35 + 5?”

She immediately said “Forty!!”

Dad: “Good job! Do you want another problem?”

Rosebud: “Sure.”

Dad: “17 + 12”

Rosebud (searching her math page for that problem): “hm, I’m not sure…”

She is improving rapidly with her math, but she hasn’t mastered the two digit addition yet. She just turned 6, and she had a party with some of her friends from our condominium at a nearby park.

Since we talk about it so much…..

Pics of Garden

How about some pictures of the garden???

Pics of Garden

It is about the size of two football fields.

Pics of Garden

Yes people, that really is a palm tree.

Starting about a week before Christmas, lights that had been wrapped around the trees came on in the evening.

Pics of Garden

You can see the ramp going down to the 2 (!) floors of parking

And for anyone who isn’t afraid of heights… here is a picture down the stairwell from our floor (the thirteenth)

Pics of Garden

About everyday at 4 o’clock there are a bunch of kids down in the garden playing tag, soccer, volleyball, hide and seek ect. Carman and I go running about every other morning, and this morning 3 other kids went with us. Of course this is their summer break, so after they come back from running most of them go back to bed. 🙂

Each of the 10 entrances (each building has two) has a phone at the door so that you can call an apartment number, and the resident can open the door for you. Almost everyday at least one kid will call to see if we can come down to play. Also the guards can call from the front gate to tell you that you have a guest or delivery.

Rosebud said…

Yesterday we were talking about what we wanted Christmas to be like. What we would do, who we would have over, what we would eat ect.

Rosebud piped up and said “I know what Doodle can give me!”

I think that she is a little worried that Santa won’t be able get into our apt, because we don’t have a fireplace.

Here our some pics of her in the “jardin” (hard-een = garden)

Rosebud in the garden

Rosebud in Garden

Rosebud In Garden

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