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Learning Adobe Illustrator

I decided to start learning Adobe Illustrator a few days ago and this is the first thing I made.

It was very simple, I just made a hexagon, copied and moved it, copied and moved it some more, and used the gradient tool to color them in. But, being a beginner it took me about 30 minutes:)

I also made this, following along with a video at Lynda.com.  This was much harder.

Tooth Fairy or Ratón Pérez?

Rosebud lost her first tooth on Mother’s Day.  That morning we took a picture of it because it was so very loose and because we were going to be out for the day.  I wanted to pull it for her, but she wanted to have none of that.

We hiked around Cerro Santa Lucia with VogelJoy (more on that in another post), then rode the metro to the La Florida mall.  While eating an apple there, Rosebud’s tooth started bleeding, and Mrs.VogelJoy and I exchanged knowing glances.  When I looked at Rosebud again, the tooth was gone.  “Where’s your tooth?!” I asked.

Rosebud looked at me blankly.  Then felt for her tooth.

She laughed; then she cried.  She laughed/cried.

We never found it.

Doodle sweetly offered to write a note to the tooth fairy.  The next morning the note was gone and some money was in its place.  We’re not sure though that it was the tooth fairy.  Here in Latin America, it’s Ratón Pérez (a mouse) who comes for children’s teeth.  I asked Rosebud who came, but she threw up her hands declaring, “I don’t know; I was asleep!”

Blast from the past

This is a video from a post back in 2007. This is me at age nine playing a tune from Vivaldi. I was going to re-learn it, and so we dug up this video. My recorder skills seem to have gotten better over these 6 years of not playing. After several tries, I was better than my 9-year old self.

Since then we have done some singing practice, and my ear for pitch, rhythm, and my lung control are much better than they were.

Rosebud said 2.0

Today I was doing some php coding and Dad came over to help me because I had a problem. Rosebud was sitting at the opposite side of the table doing math.

She looked up and said “Daddy, I am getting really good at plus! Ask me on 35 + 5.”

Dad: “Okay, what’s 35 + 5?”

She immediately said “Forty!!”

Dad: “Good job! Do you want another problem?”

Rosebud: “Sure.”

Dad: “17 + 12”

Rosebud (searching her math page for that problem): “hm, I’m not sure…”

She is improving rapidly with her math, but she hasn’t mastered the two digit addition yet. She just turned 6, and she had a party with some of her friends from our condominium at a nearby park.

Snow-capped mountains and trigonometry

My dad and I were stretching/exercising one morning in our apartment when the sun came up over the mountain on the east side of the city. The room suddenly lit up significantly, and the light from the window was on the wall. Thus, the top of the light on the wall, the top of the window, and the top of the mountain where in line with each other.

“You should be able to figure out how tall that mountain is” said my dad. After breakfast I worked on it, and within 10 minutes had procured an answer. Accounting for the elevation of Santiago, the height of our building, how far away the top of the mountain is (using google maps), and the angle that the point on the wall and the top of the window create (I used right triangles (A run of _ feet results in a gain of _ feet)), and my answer was just under 10,000 feet.

Then my dad noticed — sighting off of our porch rail — that the snow-capped (at the end of summer!) mountains to the northeast were at roughly the same angle up from us as the closer ones directly east. So, I got back on google maps and then re-calculated the angle over the new distance. My answer was 18,600 feet.

Later, I looked up the big mountain (Cerro el Plomo) on wikipedia, and It’s official height is 17,800 feet.

Here is the smaller, closer, 10000 footer.

Math Boy

Since coming to Chile, Doodle has been making rapid progress in math. The reason? Well, doing math has become his default time-filler when he gets bored. Not having a plethora of toys or books, he has started gravitating to the old laptop to continue his work on Khan Academy. (Here’s a video that explains how this free, online math program started.) He’s motivated by the badges and stars he’s earning, and is enjoying seeing his own progress. And, for whatever reason, he’s latching onto new concepts really quickly.

A week or so ago, he was introduced to squares and then square roots. Here’s the leftovers from a teaching session Marathon had with Doodle. Marathon loves these teaching sessions. A questions arises, he and the pupil sit by the sliding glass doors, pull out the dry erase markers, and the teaching begins. Doodle does a lot of smiling, nodding his head. He really seems to “get” this stuff and seems to be enjoying himself too.

You Know You’re Having Fun When…

you come in from the jardin and your face looks like this.

Rosebud has a favorite friend in the jardin: Cata. When Rosebud returns from being out to play, I generally know by the amount of visible dirt on her if Cata was also out playing. Those two play hard when they’re together: exploring, making dirt/mud pies, etc., as evidenced by the dirty face.

Since we talk about it so much…..

Pics of Garden

How about some pictures of the garden???

Pics of Garden

It is about the size of two football fields.

Pics of Garden

Yes people, that really is a palm tree.

Starting about a week before Christmas, lights that had been wrapped around the trees came on in the evening.

Pics of Garden

You can see the ramp going down to the 2 (!) floors of parking

And for anyone who isn’t afraid of heights… here is a picture down the stairwell from our floor (the thirteenth)

Pics of Garden

About everyday at 4 o’clock there are a bunch of kids down in the garden playing tag, soccer, volleyball, hide and seek ect. Carman and I go running about every other morning, and this morning 3 other kids went with us. Of course this is their summer break, so after they come back from running most of them go back to bed. 🙂

Each of the 10 entrances (each building has two) has a phone at the door so that you can call an apartment number, and the resident can open the door for you. Almost everyday at least one kid will call to see if we can come down to play. Also the guards can call from the front gate to tell you that you have a guest or delivery.

Hey folks…. New writer

Hi, I’m Carman.

I got this screen-name because at the time Harrison Farm started, I was big into cars. I still am, but not as much. I am 15 years old, and my main interests are bike riding, fitness in general, soccer, and playing guitar.

I plan to be a regular writer at Harrison Farm.

“We have one mouth and two ears so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”


Rosebud said…

Yesterday we were talking about what we wanted Christmas to be like. What we would do, who we would have over, what we would eat ect.

Rosebud piped up and said “I know what Doodle can give me!”

I think that she is a little worried that Santa won’t be able get into our apt, because we don’t have a fireplace.

Here our some pics of her in the “jardin” (hard-een = garden)

Rosebud in the garden

Rosebud in Garden

Rosebud In Garden

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