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Corn Relish


Here is the batch of corn relish Sudoku and I made. It is terribly easy to make when you cheat a little like I do. I used a large bag of frozen corn instead of fresh. It makes this process so easy, I have no excuses for not keeping some on hand. Sure, it would be better for us if I used fresh corn. But then, it would probably never get done. So, this is how I make my compromised corn relish. Continue reading


High on my to-do list is to make some corn relish. We try to eat a lacto-fermented condiment with at least one meal each day.

What is lacto-fermentation, you may ask? Continue reading

Sudoku Learns Pain Management

Not long ago, Sudoku had her first fainting experience. (See Sudoku falls out in church.) After that experience, we talked about the warning signs of passing out and some of the reasons people faint. She listened and took it all in. Yesterday this happened. Continue reading

Xylitol Gum

I’ve recently been learning about the health (primarily dental) benefits of xylitol gum. Xylitol, a natural sugar, helps decrease bacteria counts in the mouth. Trident gum contains some xylitol, but this gum is sweetened with 100% xylitol. So, we’re giving it a try. I’ve shopped around, and so far, this is the best deal I’ve found since all purchase prices include shipping!

FREE Shipping on ElimiTaste ZAPP and SmokeScreen Chewing Gum. Not Available in stores. Sugar Free and Aspartame Free. Long Lasting Cool Flavor, sweetened with 100% Xylitol.

Teach a Toddler to Blow His Nose

When a child repeatedly witnesses everyday tasks, they become old hat. Certainly nothing to fear. But trivial things can be extremely frightening to a kid if this trivial thing is new to him – especially if it is something being done to him. That, I think is the case with blowing a toddler’s (or even an infant’s) nose. Someone taking an object, albeit a soft one, and pressing it to your face is rather a scary prospect indeed. Continue reading

Little Lessons about Sealants & Teeth Polishing

The dental clinic is an educational place. The hygienists are learning, they are not in a hurry, and they like sharing their knowledge. Here are a couple of little tidbits I’ve learned from them. Continue reading

Reasons to use a Dental Clinic


Today the three “big” kids and I had our teeth cleaned at a local dental hygienist school. When you have a large family, there are several advantages to using this service.

  • It’s inexpensive – about 1/4 the price of our regular dental service.
  • They are in training, and though the process is slow, an instructor is looking over the hygienist’s shoulder every step of the way. If something is done incorrectly or incompletely, it has to be re-done until it is right.
  • Since they are cleaning your teeth for training rather than profit, there are no time stipulations on them such as “you have to have this patient’s cleaning completed within 20 minutes.”
  • Though appointments take a while (we have to allot 3 hours!), all 4 of us were seen at the same time (by different hygienist’s, of course.) So, I’m not spending much more time at the dental clinic than if I scheduled back-to-back appointments for everyone at the regular dental office.
  • They like to educate! (More on this in another post.)

Thanks to Laura Mundee (bookgrl at Flickr.com) for this fun photo. – milkmaid

Hats off to the Women of My Town — the Positive Effects of Peer Pressure on Natural Childbirth


When I was expecting our first child, Carman, we lived in another city, another state. Of all the other expectant moms I spoke with (many who were first time moms), all would speak of their desire to have a natural, unmedicated birth. Very few (I can only think of one) were able to have such a birth in a hospital. Continue reading

Sudoku Falls out in Church

No, this wasn’t a “slain in the Spirit” experience. It was a case of low blood sugar, standing with locked knees (throughout a praise song, a responsive reading and then a 6-verse hymn), and standing in sunlight. We were on the 6th (and final) verse of the hymn, when, without warning, Sudoku fell down. Continue reading

The What & How of Flash Frozen Seafood

After learning about flash frozen seafood, I may never buy fresh seafood again unless I’m at the coast.

Unless you purchase fresh seafood from a coastal market, the “fresh” fish you’re getting may actually be several days old. Fishing boats generally stay out for a few days at a time. So if the particular fish you purchase was one of the first caught, it will be a couple of days old by the time it gets to the processor, then even older by the time it is shipped to your town and put in your local grocer’s freezer.

Flash frozen fish, however, are frozen within 2 hours of the catch. It is a process that takes about 3 seconds and is done on the fishing vessel at sea. So, the fish are caught, gutted ∨ filleted, & frozen all on board. The idea is to instantly freeze all the water in the flesh of the fish so that the “fresh” texture, flavor, and aroma are preserved.

A flash frozen fish should have a somewhat shiny appearance, be rock hard, and have no white freezer burn marks on it.

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