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Painting Problems

I’ve read that there’s a lot involved in painting kitchen cabinets – especially because they require a lot of serious cleaning. Grime from our hands and grease from cooking coats the cabinets over time, and paint cannot adhere to those things. (I’m not ready to tackle cabinets…yet.)

When I decided to paint the wainscoting, I cleaned it with a damp cloth, primed it, and painted it. Marathon found some places that needed caulking, and in the process of doing that, the tip of the caulk gun pulled off some of the paint & primer on the trim piece on top of the wainscoting! Continue reading

This week — Painting Wainscoting & Laundry Room

I’m all about fixing up the ol’ home place. And I love being able to do it myself so that I can save Marathon’s time for the big projects that I can’t handle. (Think: removing a wall, refacing cabinets, replacing recessed lights, changing out the floor…)

So, what can I do? Among other things, I can paint. But not with children underfoot. For years now, when I’ve wanted to paint a room I’ve done it piece meal during nap time or after the kids have gotten in bed at night.

Now, though, my strategy has changed. Continue reading

The Motherlode of Homeschool Books


I just learned that I should write motherlode and not motherload. Marathon informed me. Here is the definition of motherlode: the main vein of ore in a region, an abundant rich source. Motherload, on the other hand, is considered slang. Now I know.

Tuesday I got a mass e-mail from a friend who is moving. She didn’t want to cart all of her homeschooling material with her since her kids will be in “regular” school this year. All of her material needed to go, so she was ready to let them go cheaply. I quickly jumped on it all. Continue reading

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