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The Infant Graveyard

There is a beautiful, old, wooded cemetery near our church where Marathon and I will sometimes stroll during the Sunday School hour. It’s a large place, and though we’ve been a few times, we still haven’t explored all of its nooks and crannies.

The last time we were there, we went to the far end of the cemetery. As we rounded a corner and headed toward the back, Marathon said, “This section must be for the poor” because it was absent of any large markers or headstones. The only markers were small and flat to the ground.

After getting closer and seeing how small the graves were, we realized this section was full of infants, mostly under the age of 2. There were graves with little matchbox cars and other toys on them. Continue reading

A Tough Day

It was one of those gorgeous, windy, perfect-temperature days outside that just didn’t match the household happenings. If the weather mirrored my day it would have been gray, humid, and still. Continue reading

Musings on Gray Hair

I saw my first gray hair on my 25th birthday. Now, 9 years later, I’m growing more aware of their expanding presence. At a glance, I don’t look like I’m graying, but take a close look, and you’ll see that those tokens of age, worry, and care are sporadically laced throughout my hair.

Last weekend I plucked out 20-30 of them. Continue reading

Frying My Formica

burned laminate countertop

I’m afraid so.

I would be heart-broken if we weren’t intending to replace the countertops relatively soon. I still feel terrible about it though, because I should have known better.

I was making croutons for our salad the other evening. Continue reading

Homemade Baby Wipes


My midwife told me about this homemade baby wipe recipe. I first used it when Doodle was a baby, and I’ve kept some around the house ever since. (They wouldn’t work well in a warm, humid environment [i.e. an un-air-conditioned place in the southeast] unless they were being used fairly quickly, because they would mildew.) They are inexpensive to make and are ultra-gentle on baby’s skin.

The container I use is Rubbermaid’s #6. It holds a double Bounty roll cut in half. Continue reading

Our After Dinner Kitchen Routine


The older 2 kids started handling the after dinner kitchen clean up when I was pregnant last, and they’re still at it. I sometimes help out, but since we have a small kitchen, more than 2 in there gets to be a crowd. So generally, Carman & Sudoku handle the clean up, and later I scrub the pots & pans and do some kitchen prep for the next day.

So, here’s our nightly kitchen routine. Continue reading

Silly Putty in the Carpet and How to (Mostly) Get it out

Doodle got some Silly Putty for Christmas, and it ended up on the carpet yesterday. There wouldn’t have been any trouble if it had just been picked up. But Doodle was feeling experimental, I guess. He had seen the older kids press their putty on things for an impression and then try to get the rest of us to guess what object made the impression.

So, when the putty landed on the carpet, he took a stool, stood it on the putty and pressed down. What a horrible mess! Pink silly putty smashed into the cream colored carpet.

Here’s how I got most of it up. Continue reading

Sewing Sudoku’s Skirt

christmas appliqued turtleneck

It has been a LONG time since I have done any sewing other than mending or minor alterations. But last week, I decided to make a skirt for Sudoku. I wanted to make something that would go with a cute Christmas turtleneck shirt that my mom appliqued for her. I was hoping to find a green corduroy to use, but settled for a medium weight cotton with embroidered polka dots (the same color as the material) that will be appropriate for most of the year here in the south.

My sewing skills being rather cold, I made a few amateur mistakes that, thankfully, didn’t cost much more than time. When cutting the material, Continue reading

They Don’t Need Me


I was running on the street with Carman and Sudoku a couple of mornings ago. Actually, they weren’t with me but ahead of me. They like to try to beat me – and they do. Anyway, I’m running down the street, watching my 2 older children run along ahead of me, chatting with each other. They seem so mature, so capable.

Then the thought hit me. If something were to happen, and I died right now, they would be okay. Continue reading

Birthday Happys

In spite of the weather being gray and rainy, my birthday was such a happy one for me. Carman & Sudoku were sneakily doing a lot of writing in the day or 2 before my birthday. When the day arrived, I was flooded with some homemade cards and about 60 coupons from the kids.

What kind of coupons? They are mostly for chores the kids will do around the house for me. Things like ( in their own spelling):

vacume the house

Read 10 books to Doodle

trim front bushs

clean all cobwebs

work in garden for 10 minits

fold laundry

dust base boards

give mama 8 kises

I will be quiit for 20 m.

I will make skrambld eags

What could be a better gift for a busy mother? I feel so loved that they took so much time to think of and write these things down. They are eager for me to cash in these coupons but have graciously given them an expiration date of one year from my birthday.

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