here’s the deal: I’ve already succeeded in getting a Brooks Andrus Camtasia-generated Flash video put onto my WordPress site as Flash, not as mere video.

But I can’t reproduce the feat with my own Camtasia Flash video.

To double check, I’m going to use the exact entry that succeeded in pulling-in Brook’s movie and use it to call mine in exactly the same way (absolute urls).

  • First, try it with the football video
  • Try it with mine, using the config file as delivered and with and abs. url

That did it!

But why didn’t it work for me yesterday? I had code up yesterday that wouldn’t work, but today it did?!?!

All I can tell you is that there may be some sort of browser caching issue. Try it in a different browser, perhaps.

So, my Camtasia-flash-in-Wordpress quest is ended… for now.

the above could be a helpful link if I was only using FLV files.

This rules out the possibility that the problem is WordPress, kimili, the embedding code behind kimili, or the way I’m entering the code into my wordpress entry.

The problem can be only one of two things:

  • Either something is different about the camtasia output since Brooks put up those videos, or
  • Something is different about the way he modified the files. At the techsmith forum, he says that the .swf address in the config may need to be made absolute, but in his video from early 2006, he doesn’t mention this. Perhaps there is something else he