Being drowsy at work is the absolute, absolute worst experience. I hate it.

You try so hard, but it’s like having a giant weight attached to your body. You’re afraid that in a moment of drowsiness, you’ll make a decision that will haunt you for a lifetime. Or else you’ll miss some critical piece of information in a discussion.

And if you are like I used to be, getting more sleep at night doesn’t help.

I know that world well, and thank God, I no longer live in that world. I spend my days feeling alert and attentive.

I can’t say exactly which one/ones of the things I tried (detailed in the links at the right) was/were the ones that gave me the breakthrough. Most likely it was the combined effect of all of them.

But the bottom line is that, over the course of a few years, the drowsies have left me and have been gone for about five years now.

It is clear to me now that sleepiness during the day is an effect of something burdening your system. It’s like a tax. Part of your energy is being diverted into something and you’ve got to figure out what that something is and deal with it. You can do it.

I recommend that you start with the nutritional issues, then look at toxins, then vitamins, then finally sexual moderation. This was the order I tackled it in, and by the time I got to vitamins and sexual moderation, things were back to normal and — to my amazement — moved past normal to the point of my sleep requirement going down to 6.5 hours per night average, compared to 8.5 hours during my twenties. See articles at right.