During our visit with family over the Thanksgiving holiday, Doodle had this cute exchange with his cousin Bright Eyes, who speaks exceptionally well for his age.

D, pointing to a picture in a book: That’s a kunk.

B: That’s not a kunk. It’s a skunk!

D: Yeah. A kunk.

B: No. It’s a skunk.

It was very funny to see a 2 1/2 year old correct a 3 year old.

Several days later when we were settled in back home, Doodle and I were reading books together. Again, he pointed to a picture in a book.

D: That’s a kunk.

Me: Well, acutally it’s a skunk. Can you say ssskunk?

D: Ssskunk.

Me: Good job.

I pointed to a snake.

D: Nake.

Me: Can you say ssnake?

D: Ssnake.

Me, pointing to a squirrel.

D: Ssquirrel.

Me: You’ve got it.

On the next page I point to some shapes.

D: Ssquare.

Me: Great!


D: Sstriangle. Ssrectangle. Sscrescent. Ssdiamond.