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for now, the only thing we're growing on this farm is kids - not the goat variety

Summer 2008 Memories. Brief.

2 family camping trips. Both ended early. Stomach virus. Sinus infection. Car camping. Primitive camping. Traveled with a loaded van pulling a small trailer with a pile of bikes on it. Took forever to pack the first time. Got better at it the 2nd time. Swimming. First overnight camp experience for Carman. Liked horseback riding best. VBS. Day camp for Sudoku. Made new friends. Happy birthday! Pool party with old and new friends. Rosebud learned to like tolerate wearing shoes. Backyard baseball. Occasional morning bike rides. Marathon & Sudoku camped, swam in a waterfall, and saw a rattlesnake. She ran/hiked up a mountain. Family walks on the street. Cleaning out & selling our discards through craigslist and ebay. Visit from Uncle D. Doodle learning to ride a bike. Making friends with the neighbors down the street. So thankful for our next door neighbor. Feral cats having babies and more babies. Sympathetic neighbor keeps feeding them. Cat fights. Tall sunflowers. Skimpy tomatoes. Skimpier watermelons. Carman helping Marathon in his shop. Doodle singing “Tra, la la la la…” Rosebud doesn’t talk. Hums with her mouth open. Likes to nod her head. Pandora radio. Hannah Kate sundresses. Online Olympics watching gives the viewer just what they want. We wanted a lot. Binged. Relieved Olympics are finally over.


  1. heee…heee. glad i checked your blog after long last. loved your comments about online olympics. we did the same thing… watched whatever we selected… which was a lot! glad to move on : )

  2. Milkmaid

    September 1, 2008 at 8:52 am

    Makes me glad they only come around every 4 years!

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