That’s what Sudoku’s coach kept asking her the first couple of weeks of basketball practice. This was her first and Carman’s second season of Upward Basketball. They just finished the season a couple of weeks ago and had a great time.

Marathon worked with both of the kids on the goal we have out back, and it really made a difference. Though they both had plenty of room for improvement, they are both assets to their respective teams.

Upward Basketball awards night

Saturday mornings were busy with games at 2 different times. I had thought that I would sometimes stay home for some quiet time while Marathon went to the games, but that never happened. I didn’t want to miss the games! These photos are from the awards night. In the first picture, Carman is holding the backpack that all the players received. In the second picture, Sudoku is in the pink shirt right in the middle. Carman is two rows behind her and slightly to the right.

Carman’s league was very competitive when contrasted with Sudoku’s. The girls were mainly there to have fun with each other, while the boys were out to win. In on of Sudoku’s games, she was guarding a girl, got tripped up, and fell down. The opponent turned to head toward the basket, stopped, waited for Sudoku to get up and catch up with her, then stood there dribbling the ball while she asked Sudoku, “Are you all right?” After Su answered in the affirmative, the girl went on dribbling down the court. It was hilarious and would have never happened in the boys’ game.