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Have You Met Ronald Jenkees?

The original, the authentic, the makin’-it-fun, the owner of many hats, talented Ronald Jenkees was discovered by Marathon when he went to YouTube looking for some pump-you-up Rocky music. He found Jenkees’ fun version and explored some of his other videos.

In an interview, I heard Jenkees say he had just a couple of months of piano lessons as a child, but the teacher gave up on him because he “just wanted to jam, and she wasn’t going to have it.” Well, he’s still jammin’ away, having a big time, selling his cds, and I hope, laughing all the way to the bank.

I don’t normally like this type of music. This highly electronic, hip-hop-ish music is not in our normal repertoire, but something about Jenkees’ style drew us in. Marathon speculates that Bach may have been the same way when he was alone at the organ. Can you see him just jammin’ away? …I can’t either. But when I think about the Organ Fugue…well, Marathon might be right.

Everyone in the family had an opinion on which of Jenkees’ songs we should feature here. “Stay Crunchy” shows his piano skills; “STS9 Collab” is fun, has a great beat, etc, but it’s long for an intro piece; the “Rocky Remix” doesn’t show enough of his musical skills…So we decided on this one. Basically, if you like this one, there’s a lot more to be discovered. See what you think and take my poll below. It’s just fun to watch this guy.


  1. Hey! Thanks for this post. I’m a Ronald Jenkees fan. He’s helped me to not get frustrated with my music or take it too seriously. Why create if it’s not fun?

    My favorite is Disorganized Fun. Not just because it really is fun but because you get to see a bit of Ronald’s personality at the end.
    “Peace out!” 🙂

  2. Milkmaid

    August 6, 2009 at 7:49 am

    “Hello Tubes”…I mean, Kris.
    “Disorganized Fun” is one of my favorites too. I can’t sit still when it’s playing.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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