Since coming to Chile, Doodle has been making rapid progress in math. The reason? Well, doing math has become his default time-filler when he gets bored. Not having a plethora of toys or books, he has started gravitating to the old laptop to continue his work on Khan Academy. (Here’s a video that explains how this free, online math program started.) He’s motivated by the badges and stars he’s earning, and is enjoying seeing his own progress. And, for whatever reason, he’s latching onto new concepts really quickly.

A week or so ago, he was introduced to squares and then square roots. Here’s the leftovers from a teaching session Marathon had with Doodle. Marathon loves these teaching sessions. A questions arises, he and the pupil sit by the sliding glass doors, pull out the dry erase markers, and the teaching begins. Doodle does a lot of smiling, nodding his head. He really seems to “get” this stuff and seems to be enjoying himself too.