Rosebud recently out-grew her last year’s swimsuit, and we managed to find a replacement at a Hiper Lider (the Super Wal-mart equivalent in Chile).  Yesterday she brought me her old, outgrown suit…

Rosebud: What should I do with this old swimsuit?

Me (the mom): I guess we’ll put it in the recycle closet.  [Each floor of our apartment complex has a closet for recycle and give-away items.]

Rosebud: I know!  We can keep it for Doria.  [Doria is her favorite doll from her great-Granny.]

Me, matter-of-factly: Honey, that suit will be too big for Doria.

Rosebud, equally matter-of-factly with a slight shrug:  We can save it til she grows into it.

The she turned and headed back to tidying her room.  Good thing too, because I could hardly contain my laughter.

She must have had a change of heart though, because later that day I found the outgrown-but-too-big-for-Doria suit beside some other recycle items.  She’s growing up and realizing things…

Before disposing of the suit, I snapped the above picture.