Rosebud changes her best friend a lot. One day it’s Sudoku, next day it’s Doodle, and today, it’s me. I stole “doria”, her doll, and told her I would only give it back if she would be my best friend (talk about extortion!). She agreed to the deal, and so far she hasn’t broken it.

Whenever I do something mean she says “I thought we were going to be best friends”, and I say “oh, that’s right”, and give her a big smile.

I was making breakfast this morning, and Rosebud walked in to see how many minutes until the oatmeal was done. “Two minutes” I said. As she begins to turn around to exit the kitchen, I flash a slight frown at her. It was perfect….. not harsh enough to get her to look back immediately, but not mild enough for her to ignore completely. A half second before she walks out of view she looks back at me again. I give her a huge scowl. By the time she registers what happened, she’s out in the hall, and can’t see me. She immediately turns around to come back in as she says “I thought we were going to be best…..yea” as she sees the nice smile I had on my face.

I thought it was hilarious, and wanted to make a blog post about it. The problem was, I couldn’t remember what she said. Was it “aren’t we going to be best friends”, or “remember, we’re best friends”. So I walked into her bedroom, grabbed her blanket, and said “mine blankie”. She then said the phrase I was looking for, “I thought we were going to be best friends”.