Doodle and I were washing dishes yesterday, and we were talking about that convoluted space/time/matter stuff that you think about just to give yourself a headache. We got around to talking about how stuff came to be in the first place.

Doodle: How did God even make the universe in the first place? He must have had an insane amount of energy to do that. Where did he get that from? Who created him? God can’t just start existing all of a sudden.

Me: Maybe we’re in the Matrix. Maybe we’re just imagining all this stuff about the universe, and in reality we’re just tiny specks floating in nothingness.

Doodle: Okay, but obviously that means that we exist somehow, somewhere, and that some energy is spent in us imagining stuff.

Me: How did things come to exist in the first place? We know that stuff has to exist, right? Because even if our conversation is only in our imagination, it’s still requiring energy at some level.

Doodle: But things can’t exist, because to start anything at all you need other things, and those things had to be started by something other than nothing.

Me: Right…. something other than nothing had to do something, but nothing must have done something at some point, because obviously something exists right now, and nothing is obviously how anything started, because something coming from nothing never, ever happens.

Doodle: So, something had to exist to create other things, but that’s impossible because it couldn’t have existed in the first place?

Me: Yeah, pretty much.